The History of the Realm

Long ago there was peace in the land. People lived together in harmony and there was a golden age in the realm. That was until the war broke out . Unbeknownst to everyone there was a territorial strife between the Humans and Elves. The Elven Kings had long claimed that Humans had settled on Elven lands. The Humans in their turn said that the ancestors and settled on unclaimed land and all the Elves were trying to do was to expand their empire. This disagreement created such a crack between the people that eventually broke out along the Greyland Forest border.

The war explode violently but very soon cooled down to a simmer as neither side could gain the upper hand. The Elven Master Archers made death know to any foolish enough to enter the forest if they were not one of their own. However, the larger armies of the Humans overran any Elven armies that dared to leave the woods and so the war continued as a baiting game for centuries. That was until one fateful day.

There had been no movement between the stationed armies for years when a young and ambitious general decided that it was his destiny to lead the battle that would end this war forever. He raised the largest army the human lands had ever seen with the intention of storming the forest for the last time. Many tried to dissuade him but be ignored all, even his king’s order. He raised his army and stormed the forest early on a spring morning.

The attack was a horrific disaster, before the sun was fully risen in the sky, half the human army was either dead or dying. A retreat was called on behalf of a general who fell to his knees in horror as his army was decimated. Many thought that this would be the end of all. That was until the elves made a very foolish decision. Over-heartened by their victory, the Elves decided to storm the humans and drive them from their forests forever. This was their fatal error. Seeing the elves leave their trees, the humans managed to regroup into battalions and in their turn, decimated the Elven population before they could retreat. By the time the sun set on that fateful day, at least 100 000 bodies littered the tree line, the trees themselves stained black with blood. Everyone was reeling from the blow to both sides.

Within three days, a message of surrender was issued to the human King Richard of Cathavis by the Elven High King Silas Nailo. There was a request to meet on any approved neutral ground to organize terms. Although he was urged to say no by his brothers, Lord Vlades of Cathavis and Lord Cornelius of Silverneese, King Richard agreed to meet at the Highmount Ruins in one moon’s time.

The two kings arrived at the ruins in due time with their respective entourages and faced each other for the first time since the war began. They told both entourages to stay and watch one another as the kings wandered off into the ruins. They were gone for more than a day but when they returned the terms of what was now a truce was laid out.

The war was over and although the heroes could be spoken of, the war was not to be discussed at all. The as-of-yet unmarried King Richard was soon to be wed to the High Lady Eliana Nailo, first daughter if the Elven High King, she was to be the queen of the kingdom. All the embargoes against the Elves were lifted and all were the try and put the past in the past lest the war begin again. All was meant to be well.

The wedding was set for early autumn and went off without a hitch. There was a huge celebration and the king and queen began the renovations of the Highmount Ruins and by the time the queen’s pregnancy was almost done, the palace of Highglass Haven was unveiled as the new combined capital of both kingdoms.

The queen gave birth in the palace two months later to a healthy baby girl, the half-elf Princess Alenti. This little princess was born into the lap of luxury, not knowing that she was the physical manifestation of the Human/Elven truce. She cemented what before was just s truce of words and was to be the future ruler of the kingdom.

About three years after her birth, a conditions of the queen’s marriage to the king came into effect. The agreement was that every 5 years, the queen was to travel back to her father’s palace and spend 6 months there. She was also to take the princess back to meet her other grandparents, cousins and other family. The trip to the Greyland Fortress was seamless and, according to letters, the trip went well. The only problem came at the border crossing between kingdoms.

The royal convoy was attacked and mostly overturned but the royal women were placed on a horse and galloped free. While this was bad, it was but the beginning. The royals arrived at the palace, cold, tired but otherwise unharmed. This attack was seen in a bad light because none of the bandit bodies were found. It was assumed that their compatriots had taken the bodies with. While the royal women arrived unscathed, a tragedy struck the core of this new world. The king died.

Within a day of the train arriving, the king fell ill of a fever and before any of the powerful clerics of the kingdom could get to him, the king died. This created a huge problem as the only heir to the kingdom was a 3 year old. It was decided that the queen was to be Regent until her daughter was old enough to rule.

This agreement worked for a few months but all could feel the people’s faith in the royal family slipping. The years had scarcely gone by and the war was still fresh in people’s minds and hearts. However the kingdom began to, against all expectation, stabilize under the queen’s rule. That was until one early spring morning when the princess vanished.

The tiny princess vanished from the palace without a trace and that was the beginning of the end. Within a week of the discovery, there were 3 assassination attempts on the queen’s life, prompting her to flee back to her own people in the dead of night. This left the kingdom in the hands of the late kings’ brothers, Lord’s Vlades and Cornelius.

At first this seemed like the best idea until the brothers began to disagree and squabble between each other. These fights began to get progressively worse until it eventually culminated in civil war and the splitting of the kingdom from North to South. The Human kingdom split into two large halves, each run by their regent and another war was set to begin.

While this was beginning in the human lands, the Elves withdrew deep into their forests. During this time, the dwarves who had not taken part in any fighting, withdrew completely. Before they had supplied weaponry, now they would not even communicate with anyone that wasn’t a dwarf. They sealed themselves within their mountains.

The war between the two halves of the kingdom was something like a secret that everyone knew. No one spoke of or mentioned the war that slowly divided the kingdom. Any that did were relocated’. Lord Cornelius was a wizard of great renown and he found martial power coarse and distasteful, if not completely unnecessary, when one has arcane might. Lord Vlades, who was a man of the sword, believed in the might of an army and found wizards pointless tinkerers and sorcerers dangerous madmen.

Chronicle 1 begins This was the divided world that the dwarf Doreg of Lorestone and the human who became known as Zerachiel Deimos were born to. Little did these men know that their meeting was fated to change the realms forever. Doreg, a shunned son, was on a mission to recover a family heirloom, and axe, before returning to his lands. Zerachiel had received a vision from a new god and seeked to establish the first church of Bellemort.

The story of Doreg is a long and winding one, I will not elaborate here, but over his lifetime he befriended a dragon by the name of Darea who agreed to be his mount, he recovered he axe of his forefathers and after creating his own town was eventually proclaimed the Dwarven King and had been the king ever since.

The story of Zerachiel was one of obstacles overcome and battles won and lost. On the search for his goddess’ holy land, he managed to acquire a devoted follower and a number of believers arriving at a place where he could build his church. He managed the construction but died and resurrected in the first battle of it’s defense against a red dragon. During the battles that followed he was once again slain but his goddess set him back as an artifact of Bellemort. It was at this point when things began to unravel in earnest, helped along unknowingly by these two men*Chronicle 1 ends*.

A curious occurrence in the northern lands was the fact that there was a numerous supply of chromatic dragons, most especially red and green dragons. During the war that broke out, the dwarves, helped by Darea, managed to capture and train and army of dragons to assist the dwarves in their battles. Other armies did the same and after a while, the wars were fought almost entirely with captured and enslaved dragons. So many dragons were being killed, cruelly bred and exploited that the flood of souls into her realm attracted the interest of Tiamat, the evil god of dragons. Her interest was piqued and this spelled disaster.

She sent visions to her followers and through various methods managed to send Aspects of herself to the material realm. Looking at a world in disaster, she began to try and take over and began to succeed. This led to the god Bahamut, god of good dragons to take notice as well who also sent his Aspect to the realms. This arrival was what created the Calamity. As soon as the Aspects of the two gods came to face one another, they began to battle.

The battle became so fierce, myth could not do it justice as both Aspects grew stronger and better, eventually wreaking havoc on the land around them. It was only when the god Bahamut realized what they were bringing about, he decided to move the battle to another realm and managed to shift both he and Tiamat to another realm to continue. This sudden explosion of magic was so great, it cause the land of an already shaken continent to split in two from east or west, leaving the world in utter ruin.

Chronicle 2 beginsThis is the fractured world that you have been born to. The old structure fell apart shortly after and has been in disarray ever since. Factions attack other factions, brothers fight brothers and this is the only world you know. You have grown up in a village run by a small but powerful faction. You left this prosperous place to find a trade in the city and have recently returned home to a village you no longer recognize.

The History of the Realm

Alendi - The Rebuilding Halfling