The long road ahead -

Welcome to Alendi, the Broken Realm.

The world of Alendi was once a whole and safe place where the people who settled there thrived and all was well. Then the war began. No one really knows who started it or why but the humans and elves nearly decimated one another before the truce was called and the realms settled into a short-lived and uneasy peace. After the piece broke, the world dissolved into the Dragon Wars eventually ending in Cataclysm. 100 years have past since the day the continents split and heroes were born whose destiny is to reunite the world, whether they realize it or not. These unlikely heroes are: Orah, the Soaring Bear; Ormsby ‘the Alluring’ Jestice; Sandra Dwarfkin, the Merrybegotten and Tilfid ‘the soothing’ Shieldman. Will they reunite the realm and bring the prophesied peace? We shall see.

Alendi is Dungeons and Dragons game, run on 3.5 rules, that I began in my first year of University, 6 months after learning to play the game. It is a world all my own and from my own head and is one that will probably be with me till I either stop gaming or I stop breathing, the latter 100% being more likely. I love this setting for the pure reason that I can do what I want with it and no one can say that it is not cannon. While I like taking advice from people and ideas from their settings, I like my games to be my own.

This is a game that includes slavery of all races to varying degrees so if this disturbs you, that would be most of the point behind it. It is SUPPOSED to disturb you and the PCs so that they will fix it. This world, while not expressly horror, does come close in some of my descriptions of what happens but I’ll make a point of telling you when it begins as well as when it ends. I do the same for my players so it is only fair.

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Alendi - The Rebuilding

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